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Multidisciplinary Projects

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Photo: Ammerman Center for Arts & Technology

While she began piano lessons at the age of six, Owen was simultaneously drawn to the dance studio, where she trained for many years in ballet, jazz, modern, tap, and musical theatre styles. Her love of dance has fostered a deep interest in multidisciplinary projects and collaborations across art forms. 

In 2019, Owen premiered Life Suite, a work for solo piano, dance, and fixed media by composer Badie Khaleghian. The piece involves both live and recorded solo piano and dance, all of which is played/choreographed by Owen. Khaleghian used one art form to constantly shape the other throughout his compositional process as his aim was to embed Owen’s passion for both piano and dance into a singular work. In addition to its portrayal of Owen’s own journey, Life Suite narrates the broader process of searching for and discovering one’s identity. Watch a full performance of Life Suite below.

Owen and Khaleghian expanded on this multidisciplinary approach, recently producing a new immersive work for piano, dance, and interactive intermedia entitled Electric Sky Blue. Live piano, fixed and live electronics, projected 2D visual animations, and live dance movements are in constant dialogue and interaction with one another throughout the piece. Set in ten scenes, the piece abstractly narrates a journey, embodying themes of birth and innocence that give way to anxiety and struggle, eventually leading to sense of newfound resilience and authenticity.

Excerpt, performance at Rice University (April 2022)

Please visit to learn more about the work. 

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