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Dr. Caroline Owen has been teaching piano for the last seven years, working with students in both private lesson and classroom settings. As a graduate student, she recently held teaching positions at Florida State University and the University of Georgia, where she was an instructor of undergraduate courses in Group Piano and Aural Skills, respectively. In 2019, Owen was a recipient of the UGA Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award.











In addition to maintaining her own private studio of students, Dr. Owen has taught pre-college piano lessons through Furman University's Piano for Young People program and the University of Georgia Community Music School. She also served as an instructor at the 2021 Florida State University Piano Institute, a summer program for advanced pre-college students. Dr. Owen's students, ranging from elementary age to adults, have competed successfully in local area competitions and performed in annual recitals. 



Teaching Philosophy


As a classical piano teacher, it is my ultimate goal for students to engage with music in a meaningful way that positively impacts their own lives and the lives of others. At the piano, students have the potential to cultivate skills–– focus, creativity, curiosity, patience, attention to detail, discipline, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking––that will aid them in nearly every area of their life. These skills are acquired most easily when a student is interested and excited to learn and when a parent/guardian stays actively involved in motivating the student to practice consistently at home. 


It is my intention as a teacher to help each student build a solid foundation of technical and musical skills in order to play piano effectively and, further, make music that inspires them. Lessons are centered around strengthening piano technique, exploring new repertoire, and sharpening skills in music theory and ear training. I strive to create a welcoming and supportive learning environment in which students can feel comfortable trying out new skills and experimenting with their own musical ideas. I like to ask students lots of questions to encourage them to think actively and independently, and I want our time together to be as engaging and fun as possible. Each student has different strengths and goals, and I adapt lesson plans to meet the student’s individual needs. Outside of lesson time, students need to be spending consistent time at the piano to see progress. At the same time, however, it is so important for them to cultivate a love of art, whether via listening to music, attending performances in their community, or visiting art museums. Ultimately, I hope to help each student grow as a musician, artist, and––most importantly––a person. 


"Dr. Owen made piano class enjoyable! I never felt pressured to be correct all the time; she created a safe atmosphere for learning. She is very knowledgeable in the subject area and was always there to share her wisdom."    

-FSU piano student

"Ms. Owen is a very kind instructor that is so encouraging with her students. She is always so patient and willing to take questions and work with students even outside of class. Ms. Owen is very skillful and it shows in her teaching... [she] knows exactly where students might be having trouble and isolates that."

- FSU piano student

Dr. Owen is now accepting new students into her Atlanta-based piano studio. Please contact her here or via email at for more information!

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